Welcome To the Course!

Android Complete!

A complete, practical, engaging, and interactive course covering everything you need to know about writing Android applications!

The Android platform is currently the most popular operating system used on mobile devices, and tablets. With over 500 million active devices, and an average of 1.3 million devices added each day, Android developers have plenty of opportunity!

Android is a great platform because of its open nature, vast community support, and the many opportunities that it presents to a developer. The software required to start development is free and open source, and runs on just about any platform, including Windows, Linux and OS X. Working with Android also introduces you to several industry standard skills – The Java programming language and the Eclipse development environment.

Our course consists of six major modules, each building upon the previous in order to make learning easier. The material is available as downloadable DRM free ISO files, which can be burned to DVDs or mounted and used directly. I also include iPad iBooks and Android native applications as part of the course, so you can use the material from any of your devices. This course also has a large community of participants. We share our knowledge with each other as we make way through the course material.